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What is a Tandem 4 Hand massage?

Tandem massage is the ultimate body massage…two highly skilled, experienced professional therapists working together in a choreographed manner to heighten your massage experience. Meaning you will receive double the relaxation and tension relief in half the time with benefits that last 4xs longer.

Tandem Massage is delivering the ultimate therapy for effective tension release, allowing you to deeply relax and regain mental and spiritual bliss. With four hands on your body, you will lose your point of reference and disconnect from reality. In addition to intensifying your relaxation, this massage will really get your blood circulation, so your body feels more vibrant and energized.

We will concentrate on areas that require extra attention, rather than just doing a ‘standard’ routine that’s identical for all clients. We listen to you; it is YOUR session after all.

 How is Tandem 4 Hand Massage different from traditional massage?

We offer two styles of Tandem 4 Hand Massage to allow us to better address each individuals needs. Upper Body & Lower Body Massage and Shiatsu & Massage.

What can I expect during my visit?

Upper Body & Lower Body Massage
One therapist will work on your upper body and the other therapist will work on your lower body. throughout the session the therapists will swap and work on the other half. We combined all of the techniques and skills used in the individual sessions and multiplied it by two! A Synchronized ULTIMATE massage bringing the ULTIMATE in relaxation on our special heated table. You will receive a male and a female or two female therapists and unprecedented treatment.