A story behind the scene.


Being a massage therapist for over 25 years, I saw everything under the sky, at least that’s what I thought.

This particular athlete surprised me how he dealt with injuries. So listen to this, someone told him (maybe one of his “good” friends) anytime when a muscle, tendon or ligament injury occurs, apply alcohol, like vodka, whisky or Russian Planica because that will heal 3x faster. Ha ha…that is funny.

The outcome of this story, as you can already anticipate, he was smelling of alcohol every day and everywhere he went. People were starting avoid him, workers thought he was an alcoholic, his wife didn’t want to touch him because of the smell. But the advice from the friend was more powerful.

Until he ended up in my office with an ankle injury from a 10k over the weekend. First, I ask him. “Have you been drinking?” Then he starts his amazing alcohol story.

My response was” THIS IS NOT WORKING”…unless alcohol that is rubbed into the skin, not the drinking alcohol, but the rubbing alcohol.
So we tried the rubbing alcohol and at the end of the session, the ankle went down…thanks to the rubbing alcohol…and he walked out without pain.

There is a science behind that technique, and it really works. Especially if you rub alcohol on someone with fever, a full body massage with that, will bring the temperature down significantly.
But in my office, I do have even better creams designed for inflammations and strain/sprains.

If anyone of you out there, are dealing with injuries, don’t let scar tissue take place, let me help you heal the right way. Make an appointment today and you will be surprised how a simple procedure will get you back in shape.

One more thing…don’t drink and drive (or I should say, don’t apply alcohol on your skin and drive, you may risking having your Driver‚Äôs License suspended ūüôā